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Melali Bali DMC
Melali Bali DMC
Melali Bali DMC
Melali Bali DMC
Melali Bali DMC
Melali Bali DMC
Melali Bali DMC

USD 60

Bali Countryside Cycling Trip

Bali is blessed with breathtakingly gorgeous scenery - there is beauty to be found in even the smallest places. Magnificent and mysterious old Hindu temples lie hidden in secluded villages, lush green paddy fields and glittering lakes backed by the ever changing mountainous scenery are waiting to be discovered by those looking for the “real”, the rural Bali-it feels like traveling back in time.

This feeling is enhanced by being in close contact with nature by experiencing Bali’s natural, authentic beauty from the saddle of a bike while pedaling along at your own leisure.

Our well-chosen routes take you through the hillside villages of the Kintamani area to Ubud - you share the road with all kinds of livestock, meet local women in colorful sarongs carrying their lovingly decorated offerings to a temple, watch sculptors carving their works of art-in short, experience new sights, sounds and last but not least the various people in Bali.

The cycling trip lasts 3 hours (altogether 6 hours, includes hotel transfers) and is designed for those who want to experience the island in a different way. Have the time of your life while pedaling along at a relaxing pace. No matter the season - Bali is always perfect.

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TIME  :   07.30 - 15.30
COST USD  :   USD 60
TOUR TITTLE  :   Bali Countryside Cycling tour

*All prices are subject to VAT (currently 10%)

Terms and Conditions:

  • All tours or activities commence from Nusa Dua area (hotels within ITDC complex)
  • Minimum participant of full day/half day tour are 4 persons
  • Minimum participant of overnight tour beyond Bali are 4 persons
  • All prices included the services mentioned in the descriptions, transportation, entrance fees, donation, English speaking guide, meal (as specified)
  • he price of overnight tours include airfare from/to Bali
  • Reservation should be made online or through email to Melali Bali DMC (at least 7 days prior to tour date)
  • Full prepayment is required; payment can be made online by credit card or though bank transfer
  • Children UNDER the age of 12 years will travel at 60 %

Cancellation Policy:

  • If cancellation notice is received 14 days prior to tour date, 10 % cancellation fee applies
  • If cancellation notice is received 6-13 days prior to tour date, 50 % cancellation fee applies
  • If cancellation notice is received 3-5 days prior to tour date, 75 % cancellation fee applies
  • If cancellation notice is received 1-2 days prior to tour date, 100 % cancellation fee applies

Mode of Payment:

  • Payment can be made either by credit card (can be made online) or through bank transfer (subject to local bank administration fee of USD 30.00) and is payable to MELALI BALI DMC
  • In case payment is made by credit card, you may settle it though DOKU SYSTEM where you need to input your credit card details yourself. We shall send you the link along with the invoice
  • In case payment is made through bank transfer, please provide the following instruction to the bank:

  • Pay to  :   MELALI BALI DMC
    Bank Type  :   Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk
    Bank address  :   Branch 12.countryside Hayam Wuruk, Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 246 12.countryside
    City  :   Bali - Indonesia
    Beneficiary  :   PT MELALI BALI
    Account Number  :   3576233856
    Swift Code  :   BDINIDJA

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